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Tracking the Tuskers

Sit quietly in the bushveld, listen for the sound of elephants and you will hear… nothing. With tusks so big that they nearly skim the ground, these gentle giants move silently through the savannah, veld and forests of East, Central and Southern Africa.


  • Bucket list phenomenon:  Close encounters with the last few remaining Big  Tuskers, Big Five Safari
  • Destinations: Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park
  • Country: Kenya
  • Capacity: 10
  • Accommodation: 4* Tented Accommodation
  • Mode of travel: Airplane, 4 x 4 Safari Vehicles
  • Skills and resources: Wildlife Guides, Dex Kotze, our resident educational conservation specialist and wildlife photographer, Conservation Tusker Expert
  • Number of nights: 5 nights/6 days


Day 1:

  • Arrival into Nairobi
  • Transfer to Wilson airport and fly to Amboseli National Park
  • Afternoon Game Drive in Amboseli
  • Overnight Satao Elerai

Day 2:

  • Explore Amboseli
  • Overnight Satao Elerai

Day 3:

  • Transfer to Satao Tented Camp
  • Afternoon Game Drive in Tsavo East
  • Overnight Satao Tented Camp

Day 4:

  • Explore Tsavo National Park including Tusker expert
  • Overnight Satao Tented Camp

Day 5:

  • Explore Tsavo National Park including Tusker expert
  • Overnight Satao Tented Camp

Day 6:

  • Fly to Wilson Airport
  • Transfer to Jomo Kenyatta Airport
  • End of Safari

While you’re here…

Africa is expansive, enchanting, and exhilarating. With adventures like visiting the World-famous Masai Mara, gorilla trekking in Rwanda, or bush-to-beach experiences in Tanzania and Zanzibar within your reach, we recommend breaking away and extending your stay either pre or post your trip (or both!)

Share your dream destinations with us and we can create a custom add-on itinerary for you.



Tracking the Big Tuskers

27 Big Tuskers. That’s all that’s left of Africa’s “big tusker” bull elephants in the entire world. Despite their dwindling numbers, the Tsavo Trust has managed to protect those that survive and are fiercely protecting the few young bulls that are growing into Big Tuskers of the future. Travellers who encounter elephants are exhilarated by their size and enthralled by their quiet and dignified disposition. Moving with silent grace through the bush, with only the occasional crack of twigs to reveal their location, you will never forget the sight of these magnificent creatures. And rumour has it, they will never forget you.


Spectacular safaris: Where the Big Five roam and call home


The snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro overlooks the golden grass of the savannah, the dusty plains, and the iconic, “umbrella” acacia trees of Amboseli National Park. Amboseli, meaning “salty dust” in Maasai, is where you’ll see giant herds of elephants traversing the terrain in search for food and water.  Here, wetlands, sulphur springs, savannah and woodlands converge and provide sanctuary to many of Africa’s wildlife species.

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo has the largest biodiversity in the world and is home to abundant and diverse wildlife. The Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhino – live alongside cheetah, wildebeests, oryx, bushbucks, elands, giraffes, zebra, hartebeests, impalas and a myriad of other wildlife and birdlife.

Conservation and your camera

Our resident conservation expert, Dex Kotze, will guide you through the basic concepts of conservation within Africa what is being done, what should be done, and what has been done. Dex will be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding conservation and wildlife in general. An experienced photographer, Dex will help you capture incredible moments through your lens.

Depending on the time of year and availability, your tour will be accommodated at one of the following luxury lodges. Tented lodges are kinder to the environment as they make use of vernacular building materials and have a reduced carbon footprint. They also offer guests a unique, immersive experience in the midst of the African wilderness.


Satao Elerai

Picture a vast African landscape with a snow-capped mountain in the distance. This is Amboseli National Park, which is adjacent to Satao Elerai. Overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, guests in this 5000-acre private concession are assured of peaceful nights in luxury tents, with only the sounds of the African bushveld to lull them to sleep.

Satao Tented Camp

Flanked by a waterhole that welcomes wildlife to rehydrate, Satao Tented Camp is rustically elegant. Canvas tents stretch over interiors created with natural elements of wood and stone, combined with traditional African aesthetics that reflect the raw and real romance of Africa. Surrounded by tamarind trees, each of the 16 tents and 4 suites have their own private deck where guests can rest, reflect, rejuvenate and observe the African game that pass by.


African Cuisine leans into fresh, seasonal ingredients that’s prepared with culinary expertise and a passion for pleasing their guests palates.

A safari has a way of uplifting the spirits and quietening the mind. And while your soul sojourns, your senses are awakened to the miracles that reside in the pristine paradise of the African wilderness.


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