But because we love travel and adventure just as much as we love conservation, we have integrated all three.

Our travel experiences are geared towards environmental sustainability and environmental ethics and eco-awareness underpin who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Conservation is first and foremost about education and education is best attained through curiosity and adventure. That’s why a percentage of all our tours are donated to NPO’s (Non-profit Organisations) whose focus lies in conservation within Africa. We have aligned ourselves with various organisations that share our sense of urgency in ensuring the survival of all species – not just endangered species. Accordingly, our preferred beneficiaries are Youth 4 African Wildlife, Elephants Alive and The Rhino Orphanage.

Elephant, rhino, and lion bear the brunt of poaching, illegal hunting and “vengeance killing”, but hippo and other African wildlife are increasingly falling prey to these practices. Via demand reduction campaigns and education, Safari Giants are aligned with anti-poaching efforts. Our aim is not only to educate the general public, but to also highlight how the relationship between human life and animal life is interdependent.

We believe that the only way to care for something is to love it, and the only way to fall in love with something is to observe, engage and immerse yourself in it.

And what better way to observe, engage and immerse yourself in something, than through travel and adventure.

Get to know our partners and affiliates

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Dex is The Original African Aficionado. You will travel far and wide to find someone as passionate about Africa and African wildlife as Dex.

As a businessman, entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist and conservation activist, Dex brings invaluable energy, insight and business acumen to Safari Giants. Based in the Lowveld adjacent to the Kruger National Park, Dex understands Africa intimately and, through his wildlife photography, has documented breath-taking moments in the African bushveld. As a regular contributor for Africa Geographic, Dex’s pro bono photojournalism highlights imperative issues relating to conservation, poaching, Africa and African wildlife. As a long-standing member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Dex brings strong leadership and unwavering dedication to the Safari Giants team. He was instrumental in establishing Youth 4 African Wildlife, an NPO that hosts participants from around the world who, through the medium of filmmaking, raise global awareness of endangered African wildlife.

He flies helicopters, he rides horses, he explores, he networks, he connects, he protects, he speaks up. And, he just. loves. Africa.

Annie is an adventurer, an organiser, a leader, a nature-lover, a dynamo, a can-doer and an imaginer of BIG things.

As a Managing Director, Partner and founding member of several successful enterprises in Cape Town, Annie is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and intrepid energy. She excels at bringing together complex elements in a simple but impressive way. Annie’s extensive experience in co-ordinating events allows her to create memorable moments and orchestrate intricate arrangements with minimal fanfare.

Like a chameleon, Annie is able to adapt to changing circumstances with flair and agility. Frequently appointed as an Events Manager for Young Presidents Organization (YPO), her default mode is attention to detail and going the extra mile. Annie is equally comfortable guiding two people across the waterways of the Okavango Delta, or trekking alongside 70 explorers in Rwanda. Her unique ability to connect, build relationships, and relate to anyone, anywhere, anytime is what sets her apart as an integral member of the Safari Giants team.


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