There is something sacred about the Chobe River. Maybe because it’s home to great concentrations of elephant. Maybe because it’s a sanctuary for both birds and wildlife. Or, maybe because when you stand on her shores, you are humbled by the magnitude and magnificence of nature.

The Chobe River creates a natural boundary on the northern part of the Chobe National Park, a game reserve that protects 11700 square kilometres of the natural African wilderness. Entering via the somewhat wild town of Kasane (yes, warthog, antelope and even lion have been spotted roaming the town), visitors will discover a range of distinctive landscapes within the park; Linyati, Serondella, Nogatsaa and the dry Savuti Channel each have distinctive characteristics and each create a natural habitat for specific African wildlife.

While Savuti is known for nocturnal lion and hyena, Linyati is known for hippo and crocodile. And as far as elephant are concerned, Nogatsaa and Serondella are hard to beat. Immersed in the stillness of nature, sunset boat cruises and night time river safaris reveal the splendour of the African landscape and an abundance of African game. In Chobe, the Big Five Reside. For game viewing, photographic safaris, birding, and all-round adventuring, Chobe never disappoints.

You’ll find a range of accommodation options at Chobe National Park, including Camp Savuti, Chobe Under Canvas, Elephant Valley Lodge, Ghoha Ills Eco Lodge Savute Safari Lodge, Ngoma Safari Lodge, Savuti Camp and the world-renown Chobe Game Lodge. Set in the African bushveld, these exclusive lodges are tranquil havens of the luxury, 5-Star ilk.

And if you’ve dreamed of one day seeing an elephant using its trunk as a periscope, Chobe is where your dream will come true.



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