Atolls are ring-shaped coral reefs, comprised of a lagoon encircled by a coral rim. Alphonse Island is just one of the Seychelles pristinely preserved atolls. The flats, lagoons and unspoilt reef systems of Alphonse are one of the planet’s most biologically diverse biomes.

There are many ways to enjoy Alphonse Island as it has something for everyone. One of the best scuba diving and snorkelling sites in the world, it’s home to abundant marine life, including Risso’s Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins Spinner Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Manta Rays, Milkfish, Melon Headed Whales, Pilot Whales, Beaked Whales, tune and turtles.

The calm waters of Alphonse Island make it ideal for exploring the ocean by kayak or SUP. Venture onto a board or boat and you’re bound to see tons of turtles and spinner dolphins.

The flats surrounding the Alphonse Islands are considered world-class for saltwater flats fly-fishing. Bluewater fly-fishing is also possible. Fly anglers will be impressed by the abundance of saltwater fly-fishing opportunities – ten thousand acres of sand flats to be exact. Experienced fly-fishing guides from Alphonse will lead eager fly anglers to where the fish are. The diverse fish species of the Seychelles include snapper, grouper Triggerfish, Barracuda, Indo-Pacific Permit, parrotfish, Milkfish, great schools of Bonefish and 8 species of trevally.
Aligned with the strict conservation and protection policies of the Seychelles, the nearby St. François atoll is 30 minutes away and limits the amount of visiting fly anglers to only 12 at a time. This not only ensures exclusivity and privacy, it also supports sustainability.

For those interested in scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and marine life, pelagic fish and big ocean predators are typically spotted daily. Visibility in these waters can reach up to 50 metres! Guests can also embark on PADI scuba qualifications of various levels as well as free diving. Alphonse is also home to 15 species of moray eels, green turtles, Hawksbill turtles, batfish, emperor fish, barracuda, trevally, snapper, giant sweetlips, cod, wrasse, grouper and several species of sharks including hammerheads, bull, silvertip, and grey reef sharks. Tuna, one of the region’s biggest exports, is also prolific.

Fishing enthusiasts will be spoilt by some of the world’s most prime regions for blue water fishing (deep sea fishing). The ocean around the Seychelles’ outer islands is home to many species of game fish including blue marlin, black marlin, giant Trevally, Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Tropical Amberjack and Dogtooth tuna. Aligned with the Seychelles policy on protecting marine life, fishing is conducted on a strict catch-and-release basis. Guided fishing expeditions can also be arranged for Astove Atoll, Cosmoledo Atoll, Poivre Atoll and the Amirante Islands.

Alphonse Island offers immersive experiences such as turtle tracking, island hopping, bird watching, guided nature walks, gentle cycling. Guides will be on hand to track Green and Hawksbill Turtles and can elaborate on the lifecycle of these protected species. Many islands within the Seychelles are uninhabited and St. François and Bijoutier are two of them. A day of island hopping to these islands will introduce adventurers to secluded, untouched islands where Mangrove crabs, nesting turtles, Manta Rays, and Sicklefin Lemon sharks wander and swim.
Conservation–guided nature walks and cycling are a wonderful way to explore Alphonse Island, while sighting animals and birdwatching at the same time. The guided tours educate visitors on the conservation and sustainability efforts of the region, experienced against the backdrop of exquisite island scenery.

Visitors to Alphonse can contribute to the various marine conservation organisations which are constantly working on coral reef restoration and wildlife and marine life conservation. Alphonse’s Island Conservation Centre is the steward of this precious ecosystem and activities such as giant tortoise viewing and feeding, turtle patrol, as well as bird-watching can be arranged with them.

The lodges on Alphonse all have their own unique appeal and pared-down luxury is the island’s style. Despite the destination being remote, secluded and laid-back, guests will enjoy outstanding cuisine and an extensive drinks menu.

Alphonse awaits.



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