Tall mahogany and ebony trees break though a dense, green canopy. Verdant shrubs cover the ground, and giant tree fern hug the riverbank as it winds through misty mountains and valleys. Butterflies, orchids and over 300 species of birds provide pops of colour in an otherwise green landscape. Sounds of chimpanzees cavorting are carried through the air. Come to Nyungwe and experience the sights and sounds of this ancient forest.

Concealed within tea plantations, Nyungwe lives up to Rwanda’s adage: Land of a Thousand Hills (and a Thousand Smiles). This vast tropical rain forest receives more than 2000mm of rain annually and makes up 1020km2 of pristine, untouched wilderness.

High above the treetops, East Africa’s highest canopy walk will reveal an aerial perspective of the treescape, making your heart beat and your spirit soar. Chances are you’ll spot some of the 13 species of primates who swing through the branches of the forest. Grey cheeked Mangabeys as well as groups of sometimes up to 300 Ruwenzori colobus monkeys can be seen alongside Owl faced monkeys, blue monkeys, Mona monkeys and L’ Hoest’s monkeys who also reside in the park.

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