Situated between Nairobi and Mombasa, Tsavo National Park is made up of two separate parks: Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park.

Tsavo East is larger than Tsavo West and mostly flat. Here, you will find the Big Five as well as hordes of antelope, giraffe, zebra, monkeys, black rhino, hyenas, cheetahs and many other species of African wildlife. The Galana River, teeming with crocodile, winds through the dry plains of Tsavo East, and landmarks like the Luggard Falls and Yatta Plateau occasionally interrupt the horizon. The waters of Aruba Dam and Mudanda Rock attract birds and animals alike, making it ideal for game viewing and bird watching.

Tsavo West is mountainous and has a substantial water supply from swamps, the Mzima Springs, and Lake Jipe. Known for its red-skinned elephants (who aren’t really red but get their colour from the red sand and mud that they bathe in), Tsavo West is not only home to the Big Five, but to an abundance of other African wildlife and birdlife.

Palm-fringed and scenic, Mzima Springs consists of four springs that create a series of natural pools. A natural habitat for a large population of hippo and crocodile, these bodies of crystal-clear water have a rich diversity of animal- and birdlife.

As run-off from Mount Kilimanjaro and the North Pare Mountains comes to a halt, their waters culminate in Lake Jipe. Drawing game from far and wide, the lake is ideal for game viewing via river safari.

Both Tsavo East and Tsavo West have accommodation that is luxurious, welcoming and incorporates the surrounding wilderness. Luxury lodges, elegant tented camps, bush camps, villas and even a castle are on offer in these regions.

Tsavo might just be the Best in the West. And the East. But come and see for yourself.



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