Selous Game Reserve


Picture peaceful plains where waterways wend, the horizon broken by tall palm trees. The sky is a piercing blue during the day, and as the sun sets, it becomes awash with vibrant red, orange and yellow. This is Selous Game Reserve.

Despite the herds of elephant, giraffe, zebra and antelope, this world is quiet and calm. The silence is only broken by occasional grunting from animals as they breathe, or hippos as they surface from the River Rufiji. You may only hear the splash of water, as waterbuck and other animals stop to bathe and drink from the numerous lakes. Or the soft footfall of hooves as buffalo graze the grasslands. At night, you may hear the guttural roar of lions.

Protected as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 50 000km2 region in Southern Tanzania is a pristine sanctuary of savannah, swamp, riverine forest and miombo woodland. It is home for diverse species including Wild Dogs, the rare and wonderful puku, sable, and black rhino. The trees and waterways are rich in birdlife and fish. Lazy crocodiles who like to sun themselves, line the banks of rivers and lakes. 

Spanning five regions, Selous Game Reserve is the biggest wildlife reserve in Africa. And with all that space comes silence and solitude, broken only by sightings and sounds of wildlife.



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