Lake Manyara


There is a forested oasis of evergreen woodland where graceful herds of elephants roam. High groundwater levels give rise to lush vegetation which sustains the appetites of these resident peaceful pachyderms. This is Lake Manyara National Park.

Located between Tarangire National Park and the famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit, this region is known for its large troops of boisterous baboons.

Here, visitors can view the interactions and fascinating dynamics of these playful primates. And as the forested areas give way to the lake, pelicans and flamingos paint the soda ash lake pink, as they wade in the waters, foraging for food. And where there is water, hippos will wallow.

Tree-climbing lions are a rare breed, but you will find them here, basking in the boughs of the trees, believed to be avoiding the tseste fly and other bothersome bugs. And while boughs and branches are within your reach, the Treetop Walkway that traces through the leafy canopy offers a vantage point for viewing monkeys and over 350 species of birds. 

Where water exists, abundance lives. Lake Manyara National Park is a testament to the magic, life-giving force of water.

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