There is a place where a web of waterways weaves their way across the grassy savannah. Creating a lush swampland that knows both high waters and low, this place is home to Africa’s greatest concentration of wildlife and over 530 species of birds. It is the Okavango Delta and it is breathtaking.

A photographer’s dream, the Okavango Delta’s unique ecosystem offers unrivalled opportunities to capture images of African wildlife including giraffe, lion, rhino, hippo, hyena, Wild African Dog and if you’re lucky, a shy leopard.When seasonal floods quench the dry Kalahari Desert, different animal species and birdlife are drawn to this vast inland river delta. Hippo are prolific, their grunts lulling you to sleep at night.

Private concessions not only offer 5-Star luxury game lodges and exclusive access to this wild, natural wonder, they have also done much in terms of conservation. By converting the tourism demographic from that of hunters to photographers and wildlife enthusiasts, they have been able to preserve and protect the game, as well as their natural habitat.

Many visitors to the Okavango travel via Maun and then drive or fly by light aircraft to their chosen safari destination. Moremi Game Reserve offers excellent game viewing and bird watching and has a variety of accommodation options – from luxury lodges to camps, “glamping”  and luxury tented camps.

There are so many ways to enjoy the Okavango. By land on a game drive, by air on a helicopter flip, or by water on a river cruise or by mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe.

Close to nature, far from the maddening crowd, the Okavango Delta reminds us of why we were put on earth.



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